Free Hard Drive Recycling

Free Hard Drive Recycling

Hard drives are considered electronic devices and they should be disposed of in an environmentally compliant manner.  Back Thru the Future is a licensed electronic recycling business and recycles thousands of shredded hard drives every month.  We have developed a proprietary materials separation process specifically for the materials found in a hard drive.

Hard Drive Composition by Weight

Hard Drive Materials Composition

We operate the most efficient materials separation process in the US
and are able to recapture nearly  100% of the materials found in a
hard drive.  Making a hard drive as close to an environmentally
sustainable product as possible.

A scrap metal recycler will recapture the aluminum and lose the rest of the materials a 53% recapture

A typical electronics recycler will lose the stainless steel - 77% recapture
BTTF recaptures all four basic materials at 97% purity

Because of the recycling value of these materials we offer Free Hard Drive Recycling.

In order to separate the materials we must shred the hard drive.
Shredding the hard drive adds a valuable data privacy feature to our
free hard drive recycling service  


Our free hard drive recycling service includes shredding and an environmental compliance document identifying the weight of materials recycled but is offered without any other inventory detail.

If you require a certificate of destruction with a bulk inventory confirmation (hard drive count only), we charge $.30/lb.  There is a minimum charge of $25.00.

A typical hard drive weighs approximately 1.3lbs.

If you require an individual hard drive serial number or bar code inventory audit report with the certificate of destruction our normal volume discounted hard drive shredding rates apply. There is a minimum charge of $50.00.


How To Ship Your Hard Drive

How To Ship Hard Drives for Free Recycling

You pay the cost of shipping.

Select a suitable package. Hard drives are heavy so make sure the box is strong enough.

The US Post Office "Flat Rate" boxes are an excellent choice. Write "Free HD" on the outside of you shipping box. Send to:

Back Thru The Future
1 Park Drive, Suite 9
Franklin, NJ 07416