Free Hard Drive Recycling

It's Free - It's Secure - It's good for the environment!

Back Thru The Future’s free hard drive recycling program is designed for individual consumers and small businesses that are concerned about information that might still be contained on obsolete computers, laptops and cell phone/PDAs. As one of the largest shredders of hard drives in the commercial marketplace, we have developed a highly efficient recycling system for the recapture of the highly recyclable materials used in the manufacture of hard drives. Your hard drive and cell phone/PDA is mixed into our commercial shredding process.


Many states now offer “free computer recycling” to residents, but they all warn you to remove sensitive information from your computer prior to recycling. The importance of this can be dramatically illustrated by the numerous reports of arrests of individuals stealing computers from municipal recycling collection areas for the sole purpose of retrieving information from the hard drives for nefarious purposes.

For the safety of your private information, shred your drives!

1. Remove your hard drive from your computer or laptop
2. Box your drives up and write “FREE HD RECYCLING” on the package
3. Ship to the address below!

Back Thru The Future Technology Disposal
1 Park Drive, Suite 9 - Franklin, New Jersey 07416

If you require written verification of the shredding of the drives and their environmental compliant disposal, we charge a fee of $9.00 per hard drive (or cell phone/PDA) with a minimum charge of $25.00. You must contact us and request a project number for tracking purposes for this type of activity.

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