Recycling electronics is not just a good idea, it’s the law 

25 States, including New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, have environmental regulations banning electronics from landfills and requiring that to-be disposed of computer equipment be recycled by approved vendors

We provide onsite management of your IT disposal projects 

To-be disposed of IT assets are often collected in an ad hoc basis.  In many cases,  asset identification and reconciliation with asset inventory financial records does not occur onsite because of manpower and space limitations. Data assets are mixed with non data assets creating potentially serious data security control problems.

We provide onsite management for all IT disposal projects.  We reestablish disposal inventory control while onsite and provide “chain of possession” documentation prior to removing the IT assets.  Physical security is maintained through the entire asset transfer process from your physical security perimeter to our NAID AAA certified secure facility assuring that both your data assets and non data assets reach their final recycling and disposal destination. 

Understand the difference between an environmentally compliant recycling and an asset recovery business. 

It costs money to recycle electronics.  If you are being paid or not being charged for the disposal of your obsolete computer equipment it is being resold either as a reusable device or as scrap. An asset recovery business has no regulatory authority to provide you with a certificate of environmental compliance. Once you resell your obsolete computer equipment you no longer control how or where the equipment will eventually be disposed.  If a device winds up somewhere it should not be, it is easily tracked back to you by its serial number and the manufacturer’s warranty records. In exchange for a short term budgetary advantage you are assuming a long term environmental regulatory liability.