Safe Harbor Express (SHE) service

Safe Harbor Express (SHE) service

SHE is annual agreement providing a turnkey solution to the regulatory data privacy requirement that you maintain a data asset control process for the sanitation and disposal of obsolete and defective data assets. 

Regulatory Required Data Asset Control Process

You must know at all times where your personally sensitive data resides and have the required data security protections in place.  While data assets are actively being used, automated tracking systems such as “Watchdog” are available to keep track of both static and mobile devices.  Once a data device has been removed from your on line systems, tracking and control of the device becomes a manual process.  

This is the point that our SHE services can be effectively applied as your manual control system. We provide the inventory mechanism, the physical security containers, the on site data sanitization process, and environmentally compliant disposal of the data assets.  The entire process is rigorously documented providing an easily audited chain of possession record from the point the devices entered the disposal process, through data sanitization to the final environmentally compliant recycling of the shredded materials. 

In addition SHE relieves your IT operations management from the following regulatory required burdensome concerns:

  • Disciplined schedule for data sanitization and asset removal
  • Chain of custody documentation
  • Proof of NIST approved data sanitization
  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) “Safe Harbor Data Destruction”  litigation protection
  • Employee training
  • Annual compliance procedure review
  • Maintaining auditable compliance documentation
  • Environmental compliance for the disposal of the data assets