Safe Harbor Express (SHE) Service

The Safe Harbor Express™ Service

Being regulatory compliant is your responsibility.
Making you regulatory compliant is our business.

Back Thru The Future’s Safe Harbor Express (or SHE) is a an annually contracted service providing a turnkey solution for the regulatory (HIPAA, GLBA, and other data privacy laws) required destruction of personally sensitive information recorded on hard drives and other data media. SHE represents your required “Data Asset Control System” for the entire information disposal process.  

A data asset control system must be able to locate all stored sensitive data and be able to prove that the sensitive data is secure. An auditable chain of possession must be developed from the inception of control of the data asset to the final destruction of all recorded sensitive data. The destruction of the data must comply with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) “Guidelines for Media Sanitization”. You must maintain records of employee training and documentation of an annual review of risk assessment. You must perform and document “vendor due diligence” when utilizing a third party service provider.  

SHE also provides valuable litigation protection. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, governing litigation-based electronic data discovery procedures, requires you to maintain auditable proof of routinely following a formal data destruction policy. This is essential to qualify for the “Safe Harbor Data Destruction” exemption from the risk of court sanctions for failing to implement a “litigation hold”. Our SHE service derives its name from this exemption.  

SHE is in full compliance with the American Records Management Association (ARMA) guidelines for the destruction of electronic records. Back Thru The Future was a member of the ARMA committee that established these guidelines. 

Back Thru The Future is NAID AAA certified for the secure data destruction of hard drives for both plant based and mobile operations. This is a valuable tool for documenting vendor due diligence.

Back Thru The Future is a Federal EPA and NJ DEP licensed Class D Universal Waste (a form of hazardous waste) consumer electronics processing facility. The SHE agreement provides our authorized environmental compliance certification for the required recycling of electronic devices.

The following is a list of the Benefits based on available Features included with our Safe Harbor Express service:

  • Regulatory Compliant: Data sanitization via NIST protocol, NAID AAA certified secure, EPA licensed electronic recycling
  • Legal "Safe Harbor" Data Destruction: FRCP compliant for the exclusion from Electronic Data Discovery litigation hold requirements
  • Easy On Your Budget: One annual bill, zero surprises
  • Simple To Manage: We are responsible for maintaining your schedule
  • Secure: All NIST compliant data destruction occurs within your physical security perimeter
  • Detailed Auditability: Secure chain of possession documentation
  • Audit Support: All project documentation is easily accessed through our web-based archive, The Compliance Library
  • Provide Regulatory Required Employee Training: Web-based training tool
  • Provide Regulatory Required Annual Risk Assessment: Annual renewal contract review
  • Vendor Confidence: Extensive client reference list
  • Convenient, Low-Cost Computer Recycling: While at your location, we will pick up your obsolete/defective equipment
  • Environmental Sustainability: Most effective hard drive materials sorting system in the industry
  • Management Statistics: Annual YTD volume totals (per individual location) are available online